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Save Face

Save Face is an idiom. It means that you have to do something in order to get people to still respect you and you must maintain a certain self-image. People who save face tend to lie about who they are and the type of things that they like.

The need to maintain a particular image starts in Middle School and spreads like wildfire to the end of High School. My first year in High School is coming to an end and I look at some of my friends that I’ve seen changed since graduating in Middle School. Some of these changes are understandable such as wanting a relationship because these people are indeed maturing. What I don’t understand, or refuse to understand, is how one person suddenly is the exact type of people they try to avoid becoming.

One of my best friendships in life began with a girl name Alina. I  met her in the fourth grade and in the end of the sixth grade she told she was going to move away and had to go to another school. She was an A+ student ever since I met her and always protected people against bullying. When I entered High School…big surprise! She was in my global history class. Throughout the school year, I only seen her attend class about seventeen times at most. Want to know what she does while ditching? She hangs around with her friends at the trailers and starts smoking. The days she does come to class, she smells like she’s just spent time in a furnace! Then she dyes her hair after her friend tells her, “It looks better!” After that she starts wearing a leather jacket like the rest of her group does.  She even wore it on a day where it was 94 degrees out… (P.S. My school doesn’t have A/C and the fan wasn’t on at the time.) But on the bright side, she has a lot of friends who like to do the same things that she (now) does.

“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.” -Winston Churchill

I will admit that I have changed, but from worse to better. For example, I start becoming more money aware meaning that I no longer spend needlessly on crap.

What I want to hear from you guys is any story about your friends changing from the better to worse just to save face. I’m sure many of you can relate to what I’ve experience because I only wrote one of the many stories I have on my friends changing.

Word Of  Advice

I know it may be hard for deal with the fact that your friend has changed and you might not hang out with them as much anymore. Here’s what you should do:

  • Accept the fact that your friend has changed because they are more than likely to stay that way.
  • Strengthen the friendship you have with others  and try to make new friends.
  • Tell your other, trustworthy friends what happened and you may feel that their words has comfort you over this ordeal.
  • Don’t let this take away your hope that all changes are always bad. Some changes are good because they give unique characteristics to others. So when you see a positive change in one of your friend’s life, support them!
  • Write a poem/song. It doesn’t matter if you have a creative mind or not. The poem/song will help it get out of your system.